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Pat Kirch – The Maine | Why Arizona #3

We’re not using these tools to try to get people to buy things. It’s more about how can we build a better connection with people. – Pat Kirch

Welcome to Why Arizona! Today your host, Zachary Hall, had the pleasure of sitting down with Pat Kirch, drummer for the band “The Maine.”

They’re talking about:

– Why Pat has never drank coffee

– Early life growing up in Tempe, AZ

– Why his dedication to music at a young age made it hard to have friends

– How Pat has hustled on the internet to interact with fans and grow as many relationships as possible

– Getting the band name, “The Maine”

– Opening for Good Charlotte at 17 years old and a lesson from their tour manager that changed Pat’s entire outlook

– Playing on Vans Warped Tour

– Interacting with fans and connecting with other musicians

– Why EVERYONE thinks everyone else has it figured out

– Why you don’t need fancy equipment to put your message out there

– Why It takes effort to be happy

– The Maine getting their own recording studio

– Pat’s favorite Venues in Arizona

– Doing a free tour for fans

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