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Downtown Dave – Pizzeria Bianco | Why Arizona #14

If you’ve ever been to Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix, you know Downtown Dave!

Welcome to Why Arizona! Today your host, Zachary Hall, sat down with Downtown Dave, the man who’s become the face of Pizzeria Bianco in downtown Phoenix, AZ. They’re talking about:

– How Dave and Chris Bianco got started
– Why they call him Downtown Dave
– Where the local ingredients of Pizzeria Bianco come from
– Who has better pizza, Phoenix or Chicago?
– Phoenix, Arizona nightlife and how downtown has changed
– The secret to great work ethic
– Becoming a partner at Pizzeria Bianco
– Bianco’s newest restaurants opening in Phoenix
– Opening a Bianco’s Pizzeria in L.A.
– Being a celebrity favorite spot to eat
– Getting to hang out with Steve Nash
– Where Dave likes to eat
– Pizzeria Bianco setting the standard to Arizona food!

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