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Mike Spangenberg – State Forty Eight | Why Arizona #4

It always comes back to being proud of where you’re from and being unique. – Mike Spangenberg

Welcome to Why Arizona! Today your host, Zachary Hall, had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Spangenberg, co-founder of Arizona’s popular brand STATE FORTY EIGHT.

They’re talking about:

– Mike’s background in fashion

– His pride for AZ and plethora of Arizona tattoos

– Starting an apparel brand

– Selling from their garage

– The Evolution of State Forty Eight

– Partnering with the State of Arizona

– Becoming a full time entrepreneur

– Connecting with Bruce Arians and his foundation

– Partnering with the Arizona Diamondbacks

– Working with Influencers

– Their new Container Store at The Churchill

– Why you should listen to feedback from your customers

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