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Zachary Hall is joined by Scott Flansburg, The Human Calculator. Scott is a multi-award winning Guinness World Record holder for the “Fastest Human Calculation” which includes correctly adding a randomly selected two-digit number (38) to itself 36 times in 15 seconds without the use of a calculator (faster than a person could do with a calculator). They’re talking about why he’s made Arizona his home, traveling the world changing the way people look at math, and what it’s like going on Oprah!

Show Notes:

– What has changed in Arizona over the last 30 years?
– How Regis Philbin gave him his name, The Human Calculator
– How do you turn math into a performance?

 Scott Flansburg with Regis Philbin and Larry King Scott Flansburg with Regis Philbin and Larry King

– How do you get kids excited about math?
– How do you turn an obscure talent into a business?
– Golfing with Alice Cooper
– Magic behind the NUMBER NINE

– How to keep numbers a positive focus as an adult
– How to become mentally strong
– Celebrating Mathletes All Over The World
– The Arizona Counting Bee
– Advice to parents to help kids be excited about math
– Favorite Golf Courses in Arizona

– Can this be learned or is this a gift?
– What was it like to be featured in “Stan Lee’s Superhumans”
– Going on Oprah and getting to work at her school in South Africa

 The Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg, on Oprah The Human Calculator, Scott Flansburg, on Oprah

– His own show on The History Channel, “The Human Calculator”

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