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Ryan Read – Thrivin with Ryan Read | WHY ARIZONA

Zachary sits down with Ryan Read, a personal trainer and women’s physique specialist. Before he was known for perfecting women’s backsides, he was a college athlete and professional basketball player. They’re talking about:

– A special wardrobe change from our own Zachary Hall

– Why every single day is a new start

– Why consistency trumps intensity every time

– Growing up with Jared Dudley from the Phoenix Suns

– Starting out as a personal trainer and working with family

– How would Ryan train Zach

– Everything starts with your diet

– What to eat if you’re a “hardgainer”

– Why you should EAT MORE TO LOSE WEIGHT

– The impact of water on your health

– How to find the right gym for YOU

– Finding a trainer for your children and specializing in sports

– Why is going to a trainer like going to the dentist

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