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Zachary sits down with Trisha Haws and Brynn Martin, founders of BALUNSD. Located in Scottsdale, BALUNSD is a premier performance and recovery center that caters to everyone from the weekend warrior to Olympic Athletes! Trisha and Brynn (also owners of Movement Restoration) have over 15 years of experience working in the massage therapy world, helping people to recover naturally and get more out of their bodies.  They’re talking about:

  • What is BALUNSD
  • How can an average person and an Olympic athlete can both benefit from recovery
  • Working with professional athletes in their off seasons
  • Why the key to business success and relationships is the same answer, JUST PROVIDE AMAZING CARE
  • What it was like having 27 athletes in the Olympic Games Rio in 2016
  • Advice to the person stuck at a computer all day
  • Benefits of cold tub and ice bath treatments
  • Why gratitude is key
  • Using networking to grow your business
  • Why doing something small EVERYDAY is the most beneficial thing to get started

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