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The Power of Being Yourself with Clinical Psychologist, Ashurina Ream | Why Arizona PODCAST

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In This Episode:

“If I’m going to be a real, true person, that’s going to impact anybody, I’ve got to show them who I really am because I feel like more people can resonate with that.” – Ashurina Ream

Ashley Law is sitting down with Ashurina Ream, Clinical Psychologist, and fun person to follow on Instagram! 🙂 She is a working Psychologist as well as a mom to her toddler, Roman. With an emphasis on providing tips for motherhood and mental health, Ashurina has set out on a mission to empower women to live boldly! And laugh a little, too.

Show Notes:

– Expectations Versus Reality of Being A Mom

– What is most important to me?

– What is social media lacking?

– How to Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

– How to Give Yourself Permission

– How To Find Like

– Minded People

– Are you ever ready?

– How to not be offended?

– How to Communicate Better with Your Spouse

– Why Being REAL Is More Important Than PERFECT

– How to Be Creative

– Why do we Mom-Shame?

– Best Advice For New Mothers

– How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Spouse

– Why YOU are Your Own Self-Expert!

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