NBA Draft Party on Facebook LIVE!

Why Arizona Facebook LIVE DRAFT PARTY June 21, 2018

Hosted by RenzlerMedia’s Skyler Irvine and several featured guests, Why Arizona is excited to announce our (currently unnamed) new sports podcast launching this Thursday, June 21, during the NBA Draft Live on Facebook!

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Submit your videos to WhyArizona@RenzlerMedia.com to be showcased on our social media, and tell us who you want to draft #1 overall and why!

Tune into the show at 4pm on Thursday by visiting our Why Arizona Facebook Page and follow along with us as we react to draft picks and trades in real time. Watch from afar or join the conversation as we debate who should have done what.

We also need a name for our new sports themed show that we can announce on Thursday. Send us your submissions by email or on Instagram/Facebook

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