Custom Golf Shoes with Local Company Jack Grace USA

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“I have always had a passion for shoes. As a kid I remember being so thrilled to get a new pair of sneakers I would place them (one laterally and one pointing at me) in front of my bed so I could stare them as I fell asleep at night. I would study what details set each shoe apart from the others, which color combinations were best, and what improvements I would make.” – W. Barton Walker

Jack Grace USA is a golf shoe company that utilizes patent-pending interchangeable technology to allow you to inconspicuously change the look of your golf shoes in less than a minute.


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4411 E Knox Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85044


Monday -Sunday 8-6pm

Check out Jack Grace USA:

Instagram @jackgraceusa
Website: JackGraceUSA.com

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