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Getting Fit with Scott Keppel of STS Training | Why Arizona Podcast

Why Arizona host, Zachary Hall, sat down with Scott Keppel of STS Training Systems. Scott is a certified personal trainer and world class fitness and nutrition coach. After being bullied throughout his younger life, Scott took his high school passions of football and weight-lifting to a new level and decided to start his own business, a fitness gym.

About Scott Keppel:

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Scott has helped accomplish many individual’s lifestyle and fitness goals. He is the official trainer for Miss Arizona USA, Miss Teen Arizona USA, Miss Arizona, Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen, and many others. He also gives pregnant women and those recovering from breast cancer tools to exercise safely while also transforming their lives. His focus is to “empower women of all ages and fitness levels and show them how strong and beautiful they can become.

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Show Notes:

  • Scott’s background and younger life.
  • How Scott got to Arizona.
  • When/why Scott became a personal trainer.
  • Scott’s advice on where to start – fitness wise.
  • Scott’s background in bodybuilding.
  • Where Scott found his confidence.
  • His wife’s story of battling cancer.
  • Steps to start building a better lifestyle.
  • Scott’s main mission.


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