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BloomFit Training and Body Positivity

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Welcome to our first episode of Season 2 of the Why Arizona Podcast!! Your host, Ashley Law is sitting down with Shelby Lawson.¬† Shelby is the owner and founder of BloomFit Training where she’s bringing a movement of body positivity into fitness!¬†

Shelby Lawson, BloomFit Training

On this episode we touch on the following topics:

  • What is BloomFit Training?
  • Why do people go to the gym?
  • How has photoshop changed the way we view people in society?
  • What is body positivity?
  • How can you get past what you “should do”?
  • The importance of changing the conversations that we’re having with ourselves.
  • Why is BloomFit Training different?
  • How to avoid “shame based” motivation.
  • Where do we learn our beliefs?
  • How Ashley Law overcame her eating disorder.
  • How can we implement Emotional Hygiene?
  • Why do we beat ourselves up?
  • Advice for being healthy going into the holidays.
  • Why you should always remember that “Progress is greater than perfection”!
Ashley Law, Speak Up Buttercup & Shelby Lawson, BloomFit Training

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People and Companies Mentioned in this Episode

Body Positive Activewear Companies

Day Won

Superfit Hero

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