2018,  Why Arizona Podcast

Anchoring Arizona with Kristen Keogh | Why Arizona Podcast

Zachary Hall is sitting down with Media Anchor and Surprise, AZ native, Kristen Keogh! Kristen has traveled the country anchoring the news and can now be found on 12 News Arizona. An ASU alumni, her passion for sports guided her to a career working for both the Arizona Diamondback and the Arizona Coyotes.

About Kristen Keogh:

She has spent more than 10 years in the news industry as both an Anchor and on site Journalist. Kristen is also the in-game host for the Arizona Coyotes hockey team. In her spare time, you can usually find her hiking around Arizona and in different national parks around the country. You can also find her on her blog Here With Her, where she shares a deeper insight into her life with a goal of empowering women to become the best versions of themselves.

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Show Notes:

– When did Kristen Keogh get into media?
– How did she become a Diamondback’s Rally-Back?

Kristen Keogh Rally-Back

– Dealing with self-confidence issues
– How to pump up a crowd?
– How Kristen Keogh got her first News Anchor job?
– Why she likes to go unscripted on set?
– What goes into being a reporter?
– Why social media is pushing people to be more vulnerable and authentic
– Her Facebook Live Show, Around AZ
– Her Blog, http://herewithher.com/
– How has social media changed broadcasting?
– The importance of mentors
– How to Ask for What You Want
– Living with a Chronic Illness
– What’s in her Car?
– Where are the best places to eat in Arizona?

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